Frequently Asked Questions

What is Geopoll?

GeoPoll lets you earn airtime credit by completing fast, easy tasks on your mobile phone.GeoPoll tasks include taking short surveys, downloading applications, and more. Every task you complete adds to your GeoPoll credit, which can be redeemed for airtime credit at any time. GeoPoll surveys are always FREE to respond and many offer airtime credit on your phone.


How do I get more tasks from GeoPoll?

GeoPoll sends tasks to different GeoPoll users each day, so you may receive one task and then not receive another for a few days. To ensure you continue to receive GeoPoll tasks, complete them promptly and answer questions to the best of your knowledge.


How do I report an issue with a GeoPoll survey?

To report an issue with your GeoPoll survey, including problems with airtime credit not being delivered within 48 hours, surveys dropping unexpectedly, or any other technical issue, please fill out the form at:


I completed a task, but didn’t get my top up.

Go to my earnings and choose to redeem your balance.


I’m looking to conduct research through GeoPoll’s mobile surveys, how do I inquire about pricing?

Please visit GeoPoll’s client site at to view more information about GeoPoll’s data services and register for a GeoPoll account. If you have additional questions about our surveys and pricing, please contact us using this form and one of our representatives will get in touch with you


When will my airtime credit get delivered?

GeoPoll delivers airtime credits to pre-paid accounts within 48 hours of redeeming your GeoPoll credit. You will only receive airtime credit for tasks that have been completed.