Community Polls

This is a platform that allows any GeoPoll app holder to create polls on any topic. The poll is then broadcasted to other community members. Community Polls are restricted per country. Thus you are only limited to reaching, communicating and creating polls for audiences in your country of origin. There are a couple of benefits to this:

  1. You reach audiences that easily understand the language you use/ lingo that is easily used in your country
  2. Reach audiences in your time zone: This helps if the project is time sensitive. This also helps if you want people to react to an article of news that is currently trending
  3. You receive organic feedback: When posting about trending topics on your country such as the latest politics, local released music or latest news, you will have people who are easily as excited and can give their thoughts in the comments section and have a flowing conversation.
  4. Best of all, posting these is free

Community polls feature has three important sections:

  1. Open polls
    1. New Polls- These are polls streaming in as community members submit them.
    2. Popular polls- These are polls that are receiving a lot of engagement
  2. My Polls
    1. Here you find polls you have created and you are able to track poll results.
  3. Past Polls
    1. Here you find community polls you have engaged in in the past. You can review the comments and graphs. You can still comment and interact with other comments in the polls as you choose

Anyone can create and participate in community polls. Creating a poll/s is fast, easy and free.

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